The Wines of Alsace, France

Instructor: John E. Myers
wines of alsace france

The Wines of Alsace France

Instructor: John E. Myers


May 16, 2024

Alsace, nestled in northeastern France, paints a picturesque canvas celebrated for its exquisite wines that reflect the region's unique blend of French and Germanic influences. Renowned primarily for its aromatic white wines, Alsace boasts an impressive array of varietals, notably Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Muscat, each expressing distinct characteristics attributed to the region's terroir and winemaking traditions. The wines of Alsace enchant with their purity and finesse, showcasing vibrant fruit flavors, floral aromas, and a pronounced minerality, often underscored by a captivating acidity that adds depth and longevity. Its signature tall, slender bottles, known as flûtes d'Alsace, encase these liquid treasures that beautifully complement a wide range of cuisines. The region's commitment to quality, expressed through its strict labeling laws emphasizing varietal transparency, elevates Alsace wines to an esteemed status among wine enthusiasts, offering a delightful exploration of elegance and sophistication in each glass.


Wine Class - The Wines of Alsace, France
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May 16, 2024


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