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Let's Dance!

May 18th - September 2nd

Let's Take a trip across the globe! Things are warming up at the Buell this summer. We will be visiting Mexico, Slovenia, China, Italy, and Cuba! Guests will experience the beauty of culture coming to life through the art of dance. This interactive exhibit will take visitors on a trip across the globe to experience storytelling through movement. Scroll below to see the highlighted countries and the cultures we will learn through dance!


May 18 - September 2 

Members: FREE
Adults: $10
Kids: $8
Seniors & Military: $8





Going south, we will be heading to Mexico where we will explore Jarabe Tapatio, sometimes known as the Mexican Hat Dance. A traditional folk dance that tells the story of a courtship between a man and a woman.

La Bamba will be a traditional wedding dance from Veracruz. There will be a lot more to learn about Mexico and the culture through dance here at the Buell Children's Museum.




Just as Pueblo has the Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River, Maribor is home to the Drava, a beautiful river that adds to the city’s picturesque atmosphere.

We will learn about Polka, which originated as a folk dance; Kolo, which is a traditional form of dance who link their arms or hold hands to form a chain. The rich culture of Slovenia lives through Pueblo and we can learn the dances to get to know the country more!



Many dinosaur fossils have been found in Weifang and the surrounding area, just like in Cañon City, CO.

We will learn about Emperor Xuanzong, who showed great interest in dance and performance to where many students studied performing arts, including dance! This blossomed the culture of dancing and performing arts through China to what it is today.

There is the Lion Dance during Spring Festival, and Chinese opera styles. Come visit today!




Cuba is famous for its colorful architecture and rich cultural heritage. This year's 51st GALA is surrounded around Havana Nights and to show the many different art styles from Cuba.

Danzon is a form of ballroom dance, and Salsa is a much faster and more expressive dance. Come see the difference at the Buell Children's Museum!




The cities of Lucca Sicula in Sicily and Bergamo in Italy are Sister Cities of Pueblo, Colorado. There are quite a few Italian influences here around Pueblo. From the food to the markets, there is a staple of Italian culture in the heart of Pueblo.

We will learn about Commedia dell'Arte, which is a popular form of comedic entertainment, and Tarantella, which is characteristic of southern Italy. We will learn this dance together at the Buell Children's Museum!




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