Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees org chart.


Rosina Sonntag, Chair
Pat Gonzalez, Vice Chair / Chair Elect
Tommy Farrell, Treasurer
Chris Milliken, Secretary
Wendy Rapp, Past Chair


Garrison Ortiz, County Commissioner
Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
Latino Chamber of Commerce

City Appointees

Janet Creswell
Warren Diodosio

County Appointees

Ed Perry
Constance Yanke

Board of Trustees Members

Joey Andenucio
Rosemary Breckenfelder
Jon Broome
Harvi Callaham
Rebecca Diaz
Rita Fox
Allice Hill
John Lee

Board of Trustees Members

Leslie Martinez
Dorothy O'Dowd
Levi Olsen
Andrew Sanchez
Paul Valdez
Reid Webber
Timothy Zercher