The Way of Tea: Introduction to Japanese Tea Ceremonies

Art of the Japanese Tea

The Way of Tea: Introduction to Japanese Tea Ceremonies

Saturdays, 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Instructor: Joy Sato


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Joy's Tea Ceremony Name, given to her by her Tea Teacher in 1985 is Sojyu, meaning "fortunate one". 

This weekly class welcomes return students and new students anytime. Each week is a stand-alone lesson and practice in the art of tea ceremonies. During these sessions, participants will have opportunities to take turns as hosts/hostesses as well as tea guests. Topics you will learn in this class series include how to make a bowl of tea, the principals of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Tea as a Tradition and Artistic Expression, Appreciation of art objects and training in being present and mindful, and expressions in calligraphy at the end of each session. 

Principals of the Japanese Tea Ceremony include: Wa (harmony), Kei (respect), Sei (purity), Jaku (tranquility), and Ichigo Ichigo (one opportunity, one encounter).

Expressions in Calligraphy include the characters: Enso (completion, infinity, eternity), Kokoro (heart, spirit, love), and Wa (harmony)

The Way of Tea: An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ceremonies

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Classes from September 30th through October 28th