Portrait of Nature: Myriads of Gods

June 7 - January 11

Myriads of Gods

Portrait of Nature: Myriads of Gods

6.7.24 to 1.11.25

Yu-gen is a Japanese word which can mean quiet beauty. It is a foundational concept in many Japanese aesthetic practices. This exhibition is titled after a set of books produced by Nobuyuki Kobyashi – Portrait of Nature: Myriads of Gods. He states, “Why do I want to put myself in Nature? It is because I want to feel the gods dwelling in nature. If god sounds somehow religious, I could instead express it as a wish to feel the ‘overwhelming presence.”

The works by Masato and Nobuyuki reflect the concept of ‘this overwhelming presence.” Both artists masterfully capture this awe-inspiring quality we often feel in nature while at the same time their work combines historical practices with modern perspectives. Their work seems to ask the viewer to really consider what is worth preserving?




June 07, 2024 to January 11, 2025

  • Members: Free
  • Adults: $10.00
  • Children: $8.00
  • Military & Seniors 65+: $8.00

Located throughout each floor of the Helen Thatcher White Galleries building.


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Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Born in 1970 and from Yokoze-town, Saitama prefecture. After independent of 1993, I have been shooting mainly portrait and fashion photography for advertisement and magazines. But from 2001, I learned the basics of fine arts and alternative print technique in New York. Hosokawa-paper (Japanese traditional paper) is utilized for the support of the print. I have combined the Hosokawa-paper with platinum palladium print, which has succeeded in creating a graceful and unique atmosphere within my work. Since 2005, I have had opportunities to present my work in various European countries as well as in Taiwan. Then, the number of the audience mobilization with the private exhibition holding of 2014 recorded 15000. In the ensuing year too, I displayed it in 8 places of 5 countries. The style attracts many people and favorable reception at home and abroad. Authored works are "Portrait of Nature ~Myriads of Gods~" and "Portrait of Nature ~Myriads of Gods~『Quiet Beauty/幽玄』"

main masato

Masato Okazaki

Okazaki has been a black & white photographer making silver gelatin prints since 1980. His early work focused on abstracts of earth and water patterns. Since 2000, He has been making artistic photographs from abandoned community structures and artifacts on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido. While using this soft winter northern light, he captures places and reminders of a people who had flourished in these rural regions, but have long since migrated away. The commonality of his work is a deep spiritual connection to the region though lustrous tonal prints created by one of the world’s master printers.