Rock Painting Club - Week 2

Instructor: Ashley Martin
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Summer Rock Painting Club

Wednesdays from 10:30am-11:30am

July 3, 2024 through August 7, 2024

$10 per participant (parents included free)

Instructor: Ashley Martin

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that combines art, exploration and spreading joy throughout the community? In this fun and engaging class, participants will learn to decorate rocks with beautiful designs that will then be hidden somewhere in town. An optional component of this class will be for participants and their families/guardians to join in on a couple of field trips where the students can hide their rocks either downtown or in a park. Alternatively, students can hide their rocks at home or while on outings with their families outside of class. Rock painting is a global movement and community activity that people often photograph and share which rocks they have found around town that have brightened their days. As such, the instructor has created a Facebook page where families can choose to participate and document their rock painting, hiding, or finding processes. The information about the Facebook page will be shared with families upon signup.

Don't want to share your rock pictures or photos? Just want to paint rocks and have an off-screen experience? That is completely fine! As with all of our classes, being included in photographs is optional and all participants' privacy and preferences are respected. A photo release policy will be provided to all families/guardians to indicate their preferences to staff. 

FAA Rock Painting Club FALL - Week 2
Seats Available

September 13, 2024