Duality - Mieko Kaneshi

June 7 - Jan 11
Mieko Kaneshi

Mieko Kaneshi | Duality

Exhibit on display from 06/07/24 to 01/11/25


Centuries apart, yet connected by an ancient culture, east meets west in a cacophony of bright colors, bold brush strokes and mystical messages. Mieko blends the disciplined study of Japanese art with the boldness of the wild west in a unique artistic style. When she first came to America, Mieko was awestruck by the vastness and grandeur of the West. "In Japan, we look at nature under a microscope. We focus on very small things. The sky is always gray and misty. In America, I discovered color and size and scope. In my art, I have found a new freedom, an exhilarating feeling of space, color and texture. At the same time, I have been intrigued by the culture of the Southwestern Indigenous People. I see myself in their faces. I feel connected to them."

Mieko broke with tradition when she left Japan two decades ago. Today, she continues to experiment with new combinations of old patterns, evoking action, energy and spontaneity. Her choice of colors is hardly subdued, with deep purples, burnt oranges, mauves and blues intermingled with reds, greens and yellows. As she continues to mature in painting and in life, Mieko finds herself feeling more remote from the safety, conformity and conservatism of  her childhood, and closer to the free-spirited, risk-taking nature of her adopted homeland.

Mieko Kaneshi



June 7, 2024 to January 11, 2025

  • Members: Free
  • Adults: $10.00
  • Children: $8.00
  • Military & Seniors 65+: $8.00

Located in the Regional Gallery on the 1st Floor of the Helen Thatcher White Galleries building.