Creative Consortium of Pueblo


Creative Consortium of Pueblo


The Creative Consortium of Pueblo is a group of artists, artisans, creatives and supporters who have unified to promote and market creative endeavors in Pueblo. 

The consortium began in July 2022 as an outgrowth of the creative corridor before becoming an independent organization in September 2022. Their membership includes the Pueblo Arts Alliance, all of the Pueblo Creative Corridor art galleries, independent visual artists, makers, and creatives, performance artists, and more.  Their accomplishments to date include the free Van Gogh Van taking passengers from venue to venue on First Fridays, development of a new gallery, the Loading Dock in the Fuel & Iron Food Hall, an expanded Art Registry, new art-based social learning program in the Pueblo public schools, art kiosks in the Abriendo Inn, the Loading Dock Gallery, Liminal Gallery, the Convention Center, the Visit Pueblo Welcome Center, and the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center, and strong business alliances with the Senior Resource Development Agency (SRDA), the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, the Latino Chamber of Commerce, and the Fuel & Iron Food Hall. 

OUR MISSION: We are a consortium of people unified to promote and market the creative endeavors of Pueblo. 

OUR VISION: is to promote Pueblo art, artisans, and creatives to attract internal and external spending in Pueblo.



Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center

One-of-a-kind, educational, inspirational, and inclusive…the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center is southern Colorado's premier arts destination.  Since its beginning in 1972 the Arts Center serves 17 counties surrounding Pueblo, Colorado.  With five exhibit galleries, an award-winning children's museum, a school of dance, a school of arts, and ample space for meetings, performances, and events - the Arts Center truly has something for everyone!

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Pueblo Arts Alliance

The Pueblo Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and collaborate in the development of the arts economy in Pueblo. Our goals include providing affordable working space for artists in the community, providing resources for artists to obtain funding sources, serving as a resource for the community to connect with artists, and promoting arts in our community via First Friday Art Walk.

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Steel City Art Works

Known as “A Community of Creators,” the Gallery boasts local artists offering a diverse selection of art forms.  Each month the Gallery hosts featured artists as well as themed shows and occasionally a guest artist.  Local writers are also represented.

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John Deaux Art Gallery

Noted in Artscape Magazine as one of “Colorado’s top art spaces”, the John Deaux art gallery is located on the upper floor of the historic Turf Exchange building, an 1881 casino, dance hall and brothel.  The sky lit, loft gallery showcases a large selection of original art by many of the region’s leading artists.

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Pueblo Art Guild

The Pueblo Art Guild is dedicated to supporting the arts, increasing public awareness and understanding of the arts and encouraging the artistic development of its members. The Pueblo Art Guild Gallery is located in the historic boathouse by Lake Clara in Mineral Palace Park.

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Blo Back Gallery

To Provide an uncensored platform that may challenge what we believe to be true. They also have live music performances in their gallery. 

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Ethos logo

The Ethos

We are a community space full of artists, creatives, and makers who come together to collaborate, create, and inspire. Our workshops are a place for people to work on their projects, learn new skills, and connect with others who share their interests.

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