Nudo Virile by Michelangelo

Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo’s Models | King Gallery | October 2015 The exhibit Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo’s Models features bronze casts of six of Michelangelo’s bozzetti, small sculptural models made of clay, wax and wood.

Beautiful Grotesque | White Gallery | October 2015 Rooted in the long-standing movements of Mannerism and Surrealism; of the Vanitas and Memento Mori, visitors will witness a juxtaposition of perceptions: the grotesque- misshapen, monstrous and twisted, with the traditional ideals of the beautiful in our society.

DIY SANTA! | Buell Children’s Museum| November 14, 2015 – January 2, 2016 Visit the Elves’ Workshop to MAKE IT a happy holiday at the Buell Children’s Museum with do-it-yourself activities.

The Photography of Ansel Adams | White Gallery | Summer 2016 See the personal collection of Ann Adams Helm, daughter of Ansel Adams, as this exhibit comes directly to our White Gallery after being on display in Seoul, Korea.


Summer 2016: Ansel Adams Photography

See the personal collection from Anne Adams Helms, daughter of Ansel Adams, in the White Gallery.