Book a Tour for your Group/Oganization


Step 1: Customize Your Tour

Your group is invited to tour the Arts Center

We play host to groups of all ages who want to create a unique outing or interactive experience for their members. Explore the children's museum's latest exhibits. Then discover the latest exhibits in the galleries. All tours can be customized for your group/organization and are perfect for Red Hat Ladies, church groups, large family groups, Girls and Boys Clubs, Scouts, 4-H, etc.

Group/Organization Tour Options • Minimum of 10, maximum 30.

• 1 week advanced notice option for docent led tours.
• Consider the private tea/tour option with lunch or afternoon tea with your tour (minimum 20 people @ $15 per person, tea and tour included)
• Workshops in clay, theater, dance, music and visual art can be added to your tour.

Art Appreciation

101 The museum is open for groups: Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 am – 4 pm.


The museum is open for groups: Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 am – 4 pm.



Step 2: Call & Confirm

Reservations will be accepted two weeks prior to your visit, however, we recommend scheduling your group at least one month in advance. If you need to cancel your visit please let us know at least two days prior to your visit. In the event that a group or organization does not meet that requirement, a bill for the total tour will be sent.

Group Admissions: Children and adults are $5 a person for a prearranged tour. A tour + workshop starts at $6/person. Tea & Tours start at $20/person.

Check in: Your reservation should be made for the maximum number of children and adults expected. Actual attendance will be noted upon arrival, and your fee will be charged accordingly.

Payment: Payment is made at the Welcome Center front desk prior to the tour or day of arrival. Payment can also be made over the phone at 719-295-7200.


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