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March 28 - May 24, 2015: "Waldo Chicken" by Cas Foste in the 2nd Floor Foyer

Waldo Chicken is a story of the most intimate moments of life, the moments that individuals publicly ignore. Waldo Chicken observes the Big Heads’ as they struggle through the motions of life and realizes that they only occasionally take full account of what is happening around them. Waldo Chicken wants you to see what he sees and make a change for the good life.

Enduring Spirit: Works from the King Collection
Through May 25
King Gallery

This assortment pays homage to the cattle drives on the Goodnight-Loving trail, named after cattlemen Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving. The trail was used in the late 1860s for the large-scale movement of Texas Longhorns.
"Late for Supper" and the artist is William Moyers. Oil on canvas.


April 18 - June 17, 2015: "Remnants & Revivals" by Brenda Biondo in the Hoag Gallery A series of work from Brenda Biondo that addresses both the value and challenges of preserving western lands. This series examines the nuances of "natural" versus "unnatural" landscapes and the notion of reconstruction after destruction.

April 11 - June 7, 2015: "Mexico Profundo" (Deep Mexico) by Wayne Lambert in the Regional Gallery The photography of Wayne Lambert, who found himself enchanted by the indigenous Purepecha people and their history.





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