Summer 2014

The Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center will be converted into “Steampunk Central Station” this summer with everything from fashion and tea dueling, to authentic Victorian clothing and century-old artifacts to explore the art, history, and culture of Steampunk.



     1. a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Wild Wild West | May 17-Sept. 27 | King Gallery
An exhibition of works from the collections of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center that serve as real life influence for the Old West steampunk genre. Come and see how this artistic subculture gleans inspiration from the culture that was so prominent here in the southwest a century ago

Steampunk: History of the Future | June 7 – Sept 6 | White Gallery
An invitational exhibition of some of the most prominent steampunk artists from around the world, including Eric Freitas, Nemo Gould, Andrew Chase, Francesca Forzoni, and more. Get lost in the innovation and remarkable imaginations of these denizen artists of steampunk.

Steel City Steampunk | June 7 – Sept 13 | Hoag Gallery
An exhibition of artists juried by world renowned artist and author of “The Steampunk Bible”, Jeff VanderMeer. This bang-upshow boasts artists from near and far, a diverse array of artwork from paintings to sculpture, and everything in between. There will also be an exclusive preview of artwork and pages from VanderMeer’s new book “The Steampunk User’s Manual”, set to be released this fall.

The Invention of Steampunk | June 7 – Sept 13 | Regional and 2nd Floor Foyer Galleries
Partnering with several local entities, we’ll show you the creation and history of steampunk, including its inception, influences, and inspiration. This exhibit showcases several pieces from places such as the Rosemount Museum, Steelworks Museum and Bessemer Historical Society.


Thank you to the Rosemount Museum and the Steelworks Museum for their generous loans of collection pieces for the exhibitions.






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