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• Dance
• Performing Arts (acting)
• Music
• Visual Arts (Drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.)
• Wellness/Fitness
• Wine Appreciation
• Culinary
• Photography
• Writing Circle
• Jewelry Making

The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center hires high-quality instructors for all classes. The majority of our classes are taught by practicing, professional artists. Sangre de Cristo School of Arts classes and workshops are open to students of all ages and skill levels. Our programs are for anyone who has a desire to learn and engage in a personal or professional commitment to art studies.

Education Classes for Kids & Adults

Education is an integral part of the Arts Center’s mission, and our three building complex provides a variety of studio and classroom spaces. Over 100 arts and leisure classes are offered per quarter for adults and children. These classes span from single day workshops to several weeks of learning in a vast range of topics and skills. The Arts Center also offers a variety of courses for educators.

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Early DEVELOPMENT programs for children.

Creativity is a catalyst to address the emergent literacy in children. The arts are children’s first languages. Play is the way children develop, learn, grow and thrive.

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